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Use this page to download final reports from the research projects funded as part of the first phase of DPUK.


DPUK Imaging Network

DPUK Stem Cell Network

Work Packages

WP1: Cohort profiling

WP2: Data Portal

WP3: Trials readiness

WP4: Amyloid discovery cohort

WP5: Familial disease cohorts

WP6: Biomarkers

WP7: Synaptic health

WP9: Outcome adjudication

WP10: Cognitive assessment

WP12: Ethical, legal and social issues in dementia research

WP13: Brain donation

WP14a: Biostatistics (genetics)

WP14b: Biostatistics (methods)

WP15: Vascular health network

WP16: Deep and Frequent Phenotyping

WP17: MR-PET network harmonisation study

WP18: Clinical Studies Register

Experimental Medicine

EM1: How do peripheral and central vascular markers relate to cognitive decline?

EM2: Integration of clinical and cellular phenotypes in the DPUK Deep and Frequent Phenotyping cohort

EM3: Multi-modal imaging

EM4: Crosstalk: the impact of cardiac anatomy and function on brain structure and health

EM6: PET imaging: changes in cerebral protein synthesis rates in AD

EM7: New Therapeutics in Alzheimer's Disease (NTAD): MEG biomarker platform development

EM8: Rates, Risks and Routes to Reduce Vascular Dementia (R4VaD) 

EM9: Expanding DPUK genetics and integrating with inflammation/immunity research

EM10: MRI-PET tau population risk study

EM11: The development of an Alzheimer's disease clinical trial simulator, parameter estimation from international patient cohorts and standardising epidemiological measurement platform for cohort studies

Discovery Awards

DPUK Discovery Awards were created to allow early-career researchers to pursue a particular dementia-related research question.

Building an e-cohort for dementia research

Exploring childhood adversity through adult cognitive and biomedical outcomes

Harmonising large-scale imaging databases to provide integrated assessments of the role of white matter hyperintensities in cognitive ageing

Blog post: DPUK Discovery Award winner tackles discrepancies between brain scans

Identifying reliable change using cognitive tests in ageing and dementias research

The role of metabolic and cardiovascular disease and treatments in cognitive decline

Vascular factors on declining incidence of dementia