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Our Trials Delivery Framework is establishing an engine for testing new treatments for dementia. Its aim is to bring the right people to the right place for the right project. This precision-matching of volunteers to early-phase trials based on detailed genetic and observed characteristics will ensure that researchers testing therapies and interventions can understand quickly and robustly what works – and what doesn't. Study participants will be recruited both from pre-clinical registries and through clinical referrals. DPUK runs two pre-clinical registries of public volunteers: Great Minds and the Clinical Studies Register. Study sponsors can use these resources to find the right participants for their project – whether it's an experimental study or a clinical trial.

Great Minds

Great Minds is a register of over 10,500 highly characterised research volunteers. It is a resource available for researchers enabling precision-matching for studies.

Clinical Studies Register

Our Clinical Studies Register comprises more than 58,000 research participants who have already undergone extensive characterisation and have pre-existing consent for re-contact through their parent DPUK cohort.

TDF Register​ Volunteers​

The DPUK Trials Delivery Framework Register serves as a national repository of valuable information, including memory scores, clinical history, brain scan results, and medications, collected from local research registers at patients' local sites. By agreeing to place their data in the Register, individuals gain the opportunity to be contacted for future research studies within the Trials Delivery Framework that align with their suitability.