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The future of dementia research

A short podcast interview with DPUK Director Professor John Gallacher exploring what the future of dementia research holds. Professor Gallacher reveals that if we can delay the onset of dementia by just five years, we can reduce the number of people who have dementia by 35%.

Increasing diversity in dementia research

Feyi Raimi-Abraham, CEO and founder of the Black Dementia Company, discusses the importance of diversity in dementia research and the experiences of people from African and Caribbean backgrounds with dementia.

Taking part in a DPUK Datathon

DPUK Datathons give early-career researchers the chance to work with real-world cohort data in the DPUK Data Portal. In this podcast, Dr Donncha Mullin discusses what it was like participating in the virtual DPUK Datathon held in November 2020. Dr Mullin works at the Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences and the Alzheimer Scotland Dementia Research Centre at the University of Edinburgh.

The DPUK Data Portal

The DPUK Data Portal is a free-to-access resource bringing together health research records for over 3.5 million people across more than 50 cohort studies. Dr Sarah Bauermeister, Senior Scientist and Senior Data Manager for DPUK, tells us more about what the Data Portal is and how researchers can benefit from it.

DPUK's Experimental Medicine Incubator

DPUK's Experimental Medicine Incubator supports clinical research that aims to reduce the time, cost and risk of drug development. Professor James Rowe of the University of Cambridge, Associate Director of DPUK and Experimental Medicine Incubator lead, explains how it works.

Vascular health and dementia

DPUK's Experimental Medicine Incubator supports clinical research that aims to reduce the time, cost and risk of drug development. Dr Atticus Hainsworth, who leads the Vascular Health Theme of DPUK's Experimental Medicine Incubator, discusses the links between the vascular system and dementia - and how DPUK's vascular research group is enhancing our ability to bring forward new treatments.

One man's experience of mixed dementia

The goal of dementia research is to improve the lives of people with the condition and ultimately create a world free from dementia. Hear from John – a 93-year-old living with Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia – discussing his experiences of mixed dementia with his grandaughter.