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Participants at the DPUK Datathon in Exeter

Our latest report, titled 'A new era of translational dementia research', explores DPUK's ongoing efforts to help bridge the gap between scientific discoveries and the development of new treatments through precision experimental medicine.

Front cover of DPUK annual report 2021/22Introducing the report, Professor John Gallacher, Director of Dementias Platform UK, writes: 'When Dementias Platform UK (DPUK) was established with funding from the MRC and partners in 2014, our vision was simple: to transform dementia research in this country by providing a new, more open and collaborative, way of doing things. Now, as DPUK's second phase kicks into gear, there are reasons for real optimism.

'Not only are we constantly learning more about the fundamentals of disease, we're making strides in ensuring clinicians and pharmaceutical companies have the information they need to detect and treat dementia more quickly and effectively than ever before.'

He adds: 'What makes DPUK distinctive in the dementia research landscape is our focus on translation and our commitment to high-trust, pre-competitive partnership with industry. Fine-tuning that translational pipeline – in our case, from big data through to precision recruitment to mechanism-specific experimental medicine studies – is a high priority as we support the development of disease-modifying treatments.

'The future of dementia research is collaborative: a continuum in which discovery and translation work side by side to ensure breakthroughs in the lab can lead to the new treatments we all so desperately want to see. I believe the future is in safe hands – and I'm as optimistic as ever.'

Click here to read the report online.

Click here to download a PDF version of the report.

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