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Why Translation Conference 2023?

In this video, Professor John Gallacher talks about the need for Translation 2023 conference to be held on 2-3 March at BMA House in London. This is a new conference where the talents of academia, industry, third sector and government will be exploring the latest research in human experimental medicine for dementia.

Introduction to the Data Portal

An introduction to the DPUK Data Portal, a repository resource of more than 50 health data cohorts with over 3.5 million participants. The Data Portal is free to access for any bona fide researcher around the world. Watch this video to learn more about the DPUK Data Portal.

Great Minds event: Healthy ageing

In this DPUK/Great Minds virtual event, experts Professor Marcus Richards (UCL) and Professor John Gallacher (University of Oxford) discuss how to keep your brain healthy as you get older and reduce your risk of cognitive decline.

Featured cohort: Generation Scotland

Cohorts are groups of people with a shared characteristic – Generation Scotland is a cohort available in the DPUK Data Portal. The DPUK Data Portal contains around 50 cohorts of volunteers whose data is collected over several years. Researchers study the cohorts in the DPUK Data Portal to identify the earliest signs of dementia. Learn more about the Generation Scotland cohort in this video.

Introduction to Great Minds

An introduction to the Great Minds register, which recruits participants who already volunteer for 'cohort' health studies towards taking part in dementia studies and clinical trials. Great Minds matches people at risk of developing dementia with relevant research studies and tests of pioneering new treatments. Watch this video to learn more about how the Great Minds register works.

DPUK Data Portal: Training Webinar

The DPUK Data Portal allows researchers to test their ideas on records for over 3.5 million individuals from more than 50 cohort studies. In this training webinar, DPUK's Senior Data Manager and Senior Scientist, Dr Sarah Bauermeister, talks researchers through how to identify, access and analyse health data using the DPUK Data Portal.

Great Minds event: Successes in dementia research

In the first Great Minds members' event, leading dementia researchers share their thoughts about the latest developments in the field and answer your questions – in association with HealthWise Wales.