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Image from the pharmaceutical industry showing the production of tablets.

Our academic, industry and third sector partners have expertise across many different fields – a diversity of perspective and focus that is critical to our goal of stimulating new treatments and preventive strategies for dementia.

If your organisation would like to become a partner in the DPUK consortium, please download and complete this application form.

Academic partners

University of Oxford logo

University of Oxford

Cardiff University logo

Cardiff University

Cambridge University logo University of Cambridge
University of Edinburgh logo University of Edinburgh
University of Exeter logo

University of Exeter

Health Data Research UK logo

Health Data Research UK

Imperial College London logo Imperial College London
Kings College London logo King's College London
University of Manchester logo University of Manchester
Newcastle University logo University of Newcastle
St George's University of London logo St George's, University of London
Swansea University logo Swansea University
University College London logo University College London


Industry partners

Araclon Biotech logo Araclon Biotech                               
AstraZeneca logo AstraZeneca
braindtech logo


Cambridge Cognition logo Cambridge Cognition
Cognetivity logo Cognetivity
Cytox logo CytOx
Diadem logo Diadem
Five Lives logo Five Lives
GlaxoSmithKline logo GlaxoSmithKline

 Third sector partners

ADDI logo       Alzheimer's Disease Data Initiative
Alzheimer's Research UK logo       Alzheimer's Research UK
Alzheimers Society logo       Alzheimer's Society



Autifony logo      Autifony
Imanova logo    Imanova


Funding body

MRC logo Medical Research Council