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Training the health data analysts of the future is a cornerstone of DPUK's work. From our flagship Datathon events to our new Health Data Analyst Academies, we are helping inspire a new generation of cohort analysts and equipping existing analysts with enhanced statistical skills.

Participants at a DPUK Datathon event


DPUK runs two academies a year to provide training at beginner and advanced levels. 

These online academies offer participants an immersive experience in statistical analytical skills encompassing group collaboration and hands-on big data work, talks, lectures & tutorials.

They are suitable for anyone working in health research, however during the courses participants will use datasets from Dementias Platform UK’s Data Portal. 

Both the Elementary and Advanced academies are open to participants worldwide, but are delivered in the GMT (UK) time zone, so you will need to commit to these times.  

The Elementary Academy run by DPUK took place between 29th April and 3rd May 2024.  The Advanced Academy will take place between 4th and 8th November 2024.

Aimed at those new to cohort data analysis, our Elementary Academy is a week-long online event. Presented in conjunction with the University of Edinburgh, this 5-day course is aimed at teaching researchers essential statistical skills and analysis. It is for people new to the field AND those wanting to refresh their core skills.

Visit the Elementary Academy webpage for full information.

For more experienced data analysts, we have an Advanced Academy. This too is a week-long online event feature expert tutors, group working and giving an in-depth insight into cohort analysis techniques including linear/logistic regression, machine learning, survival analysis, and latent growth curve models. 

Visit the Advanced Academy webpage for full information.