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Joshua Bauermeister

Data Scientist

Dr Sarah Bauermeister

Senior Scientist and Senior Data Manager

Dr Gaurav Bhalerao

Postdoctoral Researcher (Imaging)

Dr Justin Biddle

Lead Software Developer

Dr Haddy Fye

Project Manager (Experimental Medicine Incubator)

Dr Elen Golightly

Research Officer & Data Scientist

Lewis Hotchkiss

Data Scientist

Melek Karadag-Assem

Research Assistant (NTAD)

Cat Morris

Administrative Assistant (Data Portal)

Anjana Nair

Communications Officer

Mark Newbury

Administrator (Data Portal)

Dr Sarah Pearce

Research Manager (Stem Cell Network)

Dr Chris Patrick Pflanz

Postdoctoral Research Assistant (Data Curation & Analysis)

Jemma Pitt

Research Assistant (NTAD)

Claire Renshaw

Project Officer

Katherine Shepherd

Office Manager and Research Support

Megan Smith

Research Assistant (Data Curation)

Emma Squires

Data Project Manager

Dr Simon Young

Senior Project Manager