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Participants at a DPUK Datathon event

The DPUK Elementary Academy 

Our Elementary Academy is an annual event. The next event is scheduled for late Spring 2024. It is a 5-day virtual series of lectures, presentations and guided tutorials, group collaboration and hands-on big data working. It is designed to give researchers an immersive introduction to cohort data analysis techniques.

Registration has now closed for our Elementary Academy. Register your interest for our Datathon or Advanced Academy.

Designed for students, researchers and professionals who are newcomers or have little experience of analysing health or cohort data, it is equally useful for anyone wanting to refresh their core skills.

The Elementary Academy course provides an introduction to analysis techniques with a particular focus on dementia. Although it is applicable in other areas of health research, during the course you will be working on datasets from our DPUK Data Portal

Our expert line-up of presenters, lecturers and tutorial leaders explore topics including:

  • multi-modal analysis
  • multi-cohort projects
  • data standardisation
  • and linear models.

DPUK's Elementary Academy complements the Advanced Academy, which is aimed at more experienced analysts. and our highly successful Datathon series, which gives researchers the chance to work in multidisciplinary groups on real research projects in the DPUK Data Portal.

Each day at the Academy involves a morning including a contextual presentation and a statistical lecture. There is a  guided analysis tutorial in the afternoon.

We aim to keep costs very low and you can expect to be charged around £125 for the whole 5-day course.