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A group of people working on laptops at a DPUK datathon.

DPUK's Autumn Academy is an annual, week-long series of presentations, lectures and workshops aimed at helping researchers enhance their data science skillset.

The inaugural event (held from 27 September to 1 October 2021) focused on the theme of cohort data analysis. Keep an eye on our website and social media channels for details of next year's course.

The Autumn Academy is aimed at experienced data analysts who are seeking to expand their repertoire of analysis techniques. Participants work with cohort data in the DPUK Data Portal to learn new skills and work on real research projects. The Data Portal is a dementia-optimised health research data repository of more than 50 cohorts with over 3.5 million participants.

Each day involves morning presentations and lectures on themed areas of dementia research and specific cohort analysis techniques. Afternoon sessions allow participants to work on research projects using real-world data from cohorts in the DPUK Data Portal.

DPUK's Autumn Academy complements the Spring Academy, which is aimed at beginner analysts.

Autumn Academy 2021 schedule and speakers

Day 1: DPUK and cohort profiles
Prof John Gallacher (DPUK/University of Oxford)
Archie Campbell (Generation Scotland)
Dr Dorina Cadar (ELSA)
Lecturer (linear/logistic regression): Prof John Gallacher (DPUK/University of Oxford)

Day 2: Dementia and Parkinson's disease latest research
Prof James Rowe (DPUK/University of Cambridge)
Dr Ivan Koychev (DPUK/University of Oxford)
Prof Michele Hu (University of Oxford)
Lecturer (machine learning): Dr Andrey Kormilitzin (University of Oxford)

Day 3: Global data initiatives
Dr Mukta Phatak (Alzheimer's Disease Data Initiative)
Dr Lee Lancashire (Cohen Veterans Bioscience)
Dr Vibeke Catts (Dementias Platform Australia)
Lecturer (survival analysis/Cox): Dr Magda Bucholc (Ulster University)

Day 4: Ontologies and curation
Dr Melanie Courtot (European Bioinformatics Institute)
Dr Sarah Bauermeister (DPUK/University of Oxford)
Colin Birkenbihl (Fraunhofer Institute)
Lecturer (latent growth curve models): Dr Tom Booth (University of Edinburgh)

Day 5: Exemplar Data Portal projects
Dr Danielle Newby (University of Oxford)
Dr Sarah Bauermeister (University of Oxford)
Prof Valentina Escott-Price (Cardiff University)
Lecturer (cross-lagged panel models): Dr Christoph Jindra (Humboldt University Berlin)