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Event details

Thursday 17 – Friday 18 March 2022

Barnes Wallis Building, University of Manchester

This workshop will assess the latest developments in animal models and their relevance and contribution to the understanding of mechanisms of cerebral microvascular disease in humans, focusing on vascular biology, neurovascular coupling, blood-brain barrier function, and neuroinflammation.

The workshop will include keynote talks from Professor Denis Vivien and Dr Emily Sena, and roundtable discussion with leaders in the field. Other confirmed speakers include Dr Paresh Malhotra, Dr Frances Wiseman and Professor Stuart Allan.

A particular aim is to increase early-career researcher (ECR) interest in this field. We are putting together a dedicated ECR morning session on 17 March where we will focus on how well preclinical models recapitulate the clinical phenotypes.

Travel and accommodation

Travel tickets should be booked through university providers following relevant policies and guidelines.

DPUK can provide one night's accommodation (night of 17 March) for all DPUK members travelling for the main workshop or two nights' accommodation (nights of 16 and 17 March) for those also attending the ECR morning session.


We encourage you to register for this workshop by contacting DPUK's Senior Project Manager, Simon Young. Please do not hesitate to contact Simon if you have any questions.