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DPUK is delighted to announce that two of its research team have been awarded Professorships. Dr. Sarah Bauermeister and Dr. Ludovica Griffanti have both been appointed as Associate Professors by the University of Oxford.

Sarah Bauermeister is Senior Scientist and Senior Data Scientist at DPUK and has won several major grants for her work on early adversity and its impact on dementia.

Dr. Ludovica Griffanti is co-lead for research into image processing pipelines at DPUK. She is an Alzheimer's Association Research Fellow and researches in the Wellcome Centre for Integrative Neuroimaging (WIN).

Both women began the most recent chapters of their careers in parallel when they were recipients of DPUK Discovery Awards in 2018, awards specifically aimed at Early Career Researchers to help them to launch their funding and research careers.

Speaking about her new position, Sarah said:

“I am thrilled. Only with the support of Dementias Platform UK, John Gallacher, collaborators and funders has this been possible. I think all #womeninscience should be greatly encouraged as should everyone who has had an alternative career path in academia or industry.”

 Ludovica also added her thanks to people who have encouraged her in her career:

“I am very grateful for having worked and keep working with amazing mentors and colleagues. A work environment that is supportive and promotes creativity is so important for people’s growth and success. My work on neuroimaging with DPUK remains an exciting area of work for me as the impact of the programme increases”.