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Dementias Platform UK is delighted to announce the launch of a new and improved version of its pioneering Data Portal, and encourages scientists to access the data as soon as they can.

Model of a human skull with a pink filter overlaid with the white DPUK logo.

The DPUK data portal brings together records of over 2 million people, spanning a wide range of data types including imaging and genetics.

In its new iteration, the secure, free-to-access platform will feature significant upgrades and improvements, including a more intuitive operation, updated and expanded analysis environment and study support mechanisms.

More specifically, the portal will offer: 

Simplified Application

Targeted data categories moulded to specific cohort data collection that makes applying for data simpler and faster than ever before. 

90 day end-to-end data access process 

A decision on your data application within 28 days, and a facilitated agreement signature and technical set up for access within 90 days of submission. 

Dedicated staff are now in place to support your application and answer any questions on its progress. 

One of our aims with the redevelopment of the data portal was to streamline the application form for both researchers and cohort owners. I think we have achieved this with a form based around just four main sections which will facilitate the whole application process.  - Sarah Bauermeister, EPAD/DPUK Data Coordinator

Improved Navigation

The new portal website now provides an easy to navigate, visually engaging site that will allow users to explore the end-to-end journey of accessing DPUK resources and data in an unprecedented way. 

From identifying cohorts of interest and applying for data access, to analysing data within DPUK’s secure and world leading analysis infrastructure, the new portal aims to provide a seamless platform to facilitate research.  

World class analysis environment

The portal’s secure and remote analysis environment will now include Stata 15 as a standard for researchers. The interface will also include multi-format datasets, data from relational databases and some cohorts offering pre-prepared statistical files. 

Cohort matrix, comparison and directory

A clearer, more user friendly cohort directory to help quickly identify the cohort studies that collect the data you need, before applying for access. The comparison matrix tool can help you quickly identify the data best suited to your research needs.  




study support

Not only will the data portal receive and provide cohort data, but the Portal team and infrastructure will support cohorts that wish to undertake research themselves. 

Expanded cohort directory


DPUK has expanded from initially working with 20 cohorts, to 38 in the UK and around the world to make their data available – facilitating access on this scale is a first for dementia research.

The Data Portal is a fundamental part of DPUK’s infrastructure. By bringing together unprecedented numbers of highly informative people data in a secure, accessible environment, we are not only able to encourage new analyses of possible causes or symptoms of dementia, but also to invite these people to join a register for taking part in experimental medicine studies. This is unprecedented for dementia research, and we believe that it is key to accelerating and propelling fundamental findings that will improve people’s lives around the world. 


In line with emerging requirements from our ever growing research community, we are updating the Portal website to break down barriers to researchers engaging with DPUK. The new website will allow researchers to work with DPUK and its partners in a way that suits them, and aid the mission to changing the way we understand dementia through world class analysis.  - Chris Orton, DPUK Technical Project Officer 

Access the data portal 

start your analysis - awards to be announced soon

With a wealth of data available for scientists to access, and some analyses already under way, we encourage further analyses to start as soon as possible so that findings and ultimately treatments can be identified quickly.

In early 2018, awards of up to £50k each will be announced for proposals using the data portal. The purpose of these awards is to encourage scientists to become familiar with using the portal and the opportunities it provides. Eligibility criteria, deadlines for proposals, and details of the adjudication process will be announced in January. 


Any Questions? 

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