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Our rapidly growing register of healthy volunteers, Great Minds, is holding its next live event on May 16th. The focus is on language, learning and music.

An elderly man learning to play the guitar with a younger tutor

Great Minds Live will be broadcasting live from Sheffield's Institute for Translational Neuroscience (SITraN) and you can book your place to join online

Here is a short preview from Dr. Jennifer MacRitchie one of our speakers about maintaining active minds and bodies through older adult music education.

"Learning a musical instrument has long been promoted as a workout for the brain and essentially an activity that could have benefits for cognitive function in different domains such as language and executive function. Just how true is this and what is the evidence? Dr Jennifer MacRitchie is a leading research fellow who conducts studies with older adults in Australia and the UK, who are taking up musical instruments for the first time. Her talk will take the audience through the latest results from studies across the world, examining the effects of different musical activities and instruments, as well as seeing how older adults develop musically when starting learning in later life, benefitting from both in-person and online lessons."