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Great Minds is holding an event for its health study volunteers on June 1st in west London. The theme for the afternoon is 'Environmental Factors for Dementia'.

In the latest of Great Minds live events, the team has invited two dementia researchers to talk about the way in which the environment we live in and our responses to that environment can impact on the risk of developing dementia. 

Dr. IanMudway, from Imperial College, has researched how air pollution impacts human health, including associations with reduced cognition. He will be reflecting on the evidence of external, environmental associations with dementia. 

Dr. Sarah Bauermeister, senior scientist at DPUK, has recently published the results of research making a connection between hearing impairment and vulnerability to develop dementia.

The event allows for plenty of time for your questions to these speakers and out other panellists, including Great Minds' Dr. Ivan Koychev. the event is being held at the Sir Michael Uren Hub at Imperial College's White City campus. You can book you place for the London event now or register to join the event online through our YouTube live link.