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DPUK is delighted to welcome the health technology company Five Lives as its newest industry partner.

Screenshot of Five Lives mobile app

Five Lives creates innovative digital tools for tracking and improving cognitive health, with the aim of helping prevent dementia and enabling early, cost-effective risk detection.

DPUK and Five Lives will work together on a range of projects and activities, including:

  • Offering the Five Lives app to members of DPUK’s Great Minds volunteer registry who are taking part in the FAST Brain Health study into blood plasma biomarkers;
  • Funding a research assistant to work on the FAST Brain Health study;
  • Supporting DPUK’s senior scientist Dr Sarah Bauermeister with projects including the characterisation of ‘superagers’ and the relationship between white matter lesions and cognitive health;
  • Jointly funding a PhD studentship to investigate the impact of central insulin resistance on dementia risk in people with diabetes.

Dr Ivan Koychev, DPUK’s research volunteer registry lead and Chief Medical Officer at Five Lives, said: ‘Identification of future dementia risk is critical to allowing not only potential disease-modifying treatments to be developed, but also to implement programmes aimed at preventing dementia through control of risk factors. Five Lives is an example of an industry partner that goes beyond detecting dementia risk to offer a comprehensive digital platform for delivering preventative interventions at scale in ageing adults. We are delighted to be continuing our successful collaboration with Five Lives.’

Sylvain Piquet, General Manager and co-founder at Five Lives, added: ‘The path to help millions of people improve their brain health and reduce their risk of future dementia requires the highest levels of clinical evidence, compliance and rigour across all aspects of our operations. We are honoured and humbled to collaborate with DPUK as our primary clinical partner – the breadth and depth of their team’s expertise is world class, and we look forward to building our relationship further through new joint projects as opportunities arise.’

Five Lives becomes the 29th member of the DPUK consortium, which comprises organisations from academia, industry and the third sector – all working together to enhance efforts to diagnose, treat and prevent dementia.