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Diadem SpA, a company developing AlzoSure Predict, the first blood-based test for the early prediction of progression to Alzheimer’s disease, has joined DPUK as an industry partner.

A scientist takes a vial of blood from a selection of blood test samples

Dr Vanessa Raymont, DPUK Associate Director and Trials Delivery Framework lead, said: New tools such as Diadem’s prognostic blood test for Alzheimer’s disease that aim to identify high-risk individuals early in the disease process are essential to efforts to dramatically improve the management of dementia.

We welcome Diadem as a DPUK corporate partner and look forward to working together to further investigate the utility of its AlzoSure Predict test to facilitate our efforts in dementia experimental medicine, and, ultimately, to help improve the patient journey and patient outcomes.’

Paul Kinnon, Chief Executive Officer of Diadem, said: ‘We welcome the opportunity to join this unique network of research institutions and healthcare companies working together to transform the diagnosis and treatment of dementia.

‘Clinical studies confirm that our AlzoSure Predict blood test can accurately identify whether or not people with early signs of cognitive impairment will progress to Alzheimer’s disease up to six years before diagnosis, and it can distinguish the individual’s stage of decline. This makes it a potentially valuable tool for organisations conducting dementia research and developing new therapies.

‘In turn, we expect to benefit from access to the exceptional patient databases and portals and related resources DPUK and its members have assembled, enabling us to further validate and extend the diagnostic utility of our proprietary biomarker technology.’

AlzoSure Predict is a non-invasive biomarker blood test that can identify with high accuracy whether individuals over the age of 50 with signs of cognitive impairment will or will not progress to Alzheimer’s dementia up to six years before diagnosis. Its utility is supported by clinical data from a large longitudinal study that was the basis for AlzoSure Predict’s recent CE-IVD marking in the EU, and its Breakthrough Device designation from the US Food & Drug Administration.

The company’s technology uses an analytical method that includes a patented antibody developed by Diadem and designed to bind to U-p53AZ and its target sequences. U-p53AZ is a conformational variant of the p53 protein that has been implicated in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease in multiple studies.

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