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Translation 2024 has a busy programme of speakers from industry and academia. We will be announcing the full programme of speakers shortly.


Day 1: Thursday 18th April  



MAIN CONFERENCE OPENS AT 12.00 for posters and lunch


John Gallacher at desk

Welcome  1.15pm                                                                                                             

DPUK Director, Professor John Gallacher, Oxford University


 Session Chair: Professor James Rowe, University of Cambridge 


Keynote speaker: Professor Charlotte Teunissen                                    Amsterdam UMC, Leading researcher into blood biomarkers for dementia.  

The biomarker revolution

 Session speakers: 

Do-Geun Kim

Dr. Do Geun Kim, Korea Brain Research Institute


Identification of inflammatory biomarkers of neurodegenerative diseases from                KNU-KBRI collaborative project of S. Korea

Dr Nick Ashton

 Dr. Nick Ashton, University of Gothenburg                                                                                       

The meaning of increased phosphorylated tau in blood: amyloid pathology, tau pathology or something else?   

Prof Cornelia van Duijn

Professor Cornelia van Duijn, University of Oxford  

Disentangling the interplay between age, ageing and AD using blood-based biomarkers                                                                           

Flash Talks by        

Dr Andrea Du Preez (King’s College, London)

Dr Elijah Mak (Cambridge University)

General Discussion

Close    5.00 pm followed by a drinks reception (until 6.00 pm) 


BIG DATA - 09.00

Session Chair: Professor Simon Thompson, Swansea University

Prof David Bennett

Keynote speaker: Professor David Bennett

Neurologist, Professor David Bennett, is director of the Alzheimer’s Disease Center at Rush University, Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Prof Ira Haraldsen

Professor Ira Haraldsen, Oslo University Hospital                                       

AI-Mind - Applying machine learning to neurodegeneration

Dr Robin Wolz

Dr. Robin Wolz, IXICO

Using AI and contextualised data to develop disease-specific neuroimaging biomarkers for clinical trials

Prof David Llewellyn

Professor David Llewellyn, University of Exeter

Machines and minds: AI is a double-edged sword in the fight against dementia

Flash Talks by  

General Discussion  

Ben Draper, University of Sheffield

Dr Danielle Newby, Oxford University


Served in the Congress Suite  12.40 pm


This is an opportunity to look at the poster presentations and visit the exhibition stands 



Session Chair: Dr Vanessa Raymont, Oxford University

Hilary Evans Barbara Windsor Mission

Keynote speaker: Hilary Evans

Chief Executive, Alzheimer's Research UK & Co-Chair of the Dame Barbara Windsor Dementia Mission.

The UK goes large

Dr Lynn Hughes

Dr Lynne Hughes, GAP                                                                                       

Leveraging biomarker trials to phenotype participants for 

interventional trials: BioHermes & Apheleia


Victoria Breeden, Lilly                                                                                           

An industry perspective on the UK clinical trials environment.

Prof Robert Pernezcky

Professor Robert Perneczky, LMU Hospital, Munich

The International Registry for Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias (InRAD): A new platform for real-world data collaborations

Flash Talks by

Dr Ta Wei Guu, King’s College London
Nishat Tahira and Dishaa Sinha, Oxford University

General Discussion  

John Gallacher at desk

Professor John Gallacher, Oxford University                                             

Closing Address: The future landscape

The conference ends at 5.20 pm 


Conference sponsors:

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