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Sarah Bauermeister

University of Oxford

Senior Researcher and Data Manager for Dementias Platform UK. She is a Chartered Psychologist, a Psychometric Analyst for the European Prevention of Alzheimer’s Dementia (EPAD) and Data Manager for Real World Outcomes across the AD spectrum for better care (ROADMAP). 

"I’m a cognitive neuropsychologist and Senior Researcher at DPUK. I’m interested in understanding healthy cognitive ageing, and the cognitive decline associated with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and dementia.Through DPUK, I’ve had an amazing an opportunity to work with an incredible amount of really detailed and useful data which I need for my research. Before I became involved with DPUK, access to data of this quality was out of reach to someone like me. I would have needed lots of funding, and specific technical resources in my institution. But, thanks to DPUK I’m not only able to access it – through my own computer! – but I’m able to integrate different datasets too, and work with it across various studies. I am now PI of five studies , something which I’d never have imagined I’d be doing before.I’ve been able to think bigger, and come up with bigger proposals too. I’ve been lucky enough to win funding for one of these. This award will enable me to undertake further training and help me develop as an independent researcher in my field."