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Big data to scale up dementia research

By bringing together 38 of the UK’s existing population studies, DPUK is creating the world’s largest study group for use in dementias research. Whole-body data on such large numbers of people is enormous statistical power in studies of what happens to our bodies as we age and the DPUK data portal gives researchers rapid access to this rich data.

Researchers need the state-of-the-art technology to work with big data. DPUK networks support large, multicentre research studies. Seven PET-MRI scanners, six centres for brain cell research, and five informatics hubs support the secure integration of biological and lifestyle data. Research is now happening on a scale that wasn't possible before.

Big data to accelerate prevention and treatment

When we conduct research on people who we know a lot about, we have the best chance of developing the drugs that stop or slow down the development of diseases that cause dementia.