DPUK takes the issue of data protection very seriously. The health information held about study volunteers from the population studies participating in DPUK is protected and subject to the highest levels of ethics and data security. Water-tight safeguards are in place to ensure that the data and samples are only used for scientifically and ethically approved research. Information made available to researchers through the Data Portal contains no personal identifiers and cannot be traced back to an individual. The analysis portal does not allow the downloading of individual level data but does enable statistical results such as tables and effect sizes (e.g. risk ratios and confidence intervals) to be calculated and accessed. Patient rights are respected and DPUK adheres to the stringent interlocking legal framework surrounding data protection.

As an MRC funded project, we ensure our researchers handle patient data responsibly, working in secure and trusted environments that protect participant confidentiality.  Our researchers are required to follow the MRC Good Research Practice Guide, which sets out the guidelines and standards that researchers should follow to make sure that their work adheres to legal, ethical and regulatory requirements.

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