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Panel of speakers at DPUK's five-year anniversary event in 2019

Our governance structure

Dementias Platform UK's governance structure comprises an executive leadership team, a Medical Research Council-appointed oversight board, a partner forum, an international scientific advisory board, and a scientific steering group.

DPUK's Director, Professor John Gallacher, is supported by a team of five Associate Directors, each of whom has responsibility for a particular strategic aspect of the organisation. The Director and Associate Directors provide progress reports twice a year to the oversight board, which oversees DPUK activity and whose members are UK and international experts in the field of dementia.

A UK-based scientific steering group and an international scientific advisory board influence the scientific direction of the project by making recommendations to the executive team. Both groups are made up of leading experts in the field.

The partner forum comprises representatives from DPUK's industry and charity partners. Together, they apply their longstanding private and third sector experience to DPUK, advising on the development of our resources, technology and studies so that they meet the needs of those who are developing therapies. This cross-sector collaboration is critical if we are to make the breakthroughs we need in dementia treatment and prevention.

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Our funding

Dementias Platform UK has received £7.5m in renewed core funding from the Medical Research Council in support of its aims, with more than £8.5m from partner organisations.