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Conference 1

DPUK provides a forum for dementia researchers to share information. This facilitates the development of informal science communities that meet to recognise key challenges, identify best practice and develop research questions. These communities are self-organising and have the goal of preparing strategic grant proposals. DPUK provides administrative support and resources for meetings.


Led by John Gallacher, University of Oxford

This community brings together and integrates diverse data modalities to improve data access and develop novel informatics solutions.

Stem cells

Led by Richard Wade-Martins, University of Oxford

This community develops new techniques for developing neuro-vascular models of the brain and preparing cell-lines for experimental medicine studies.


Led by Paul Matthews, Imperial College London

This community develops new methods for combining molecular and structural imaging to inform experimental medicine studies.

Synaptic health

Led by James Rowe, University of Cambridge

This community identifies new techniques for measuring synaptic function and loss.

Vascular disease

Led by Joanna Wardlaw, University of Edinburgh

This community identifies vascular factors underlying the dementias.

Early Career Researchers

Led by Kim Graham, Cardiff University

This community develops training and career opportunities in dementia research.


Led by Georgina Menzies, Cardiff University

This community enhances the genotyping of DPUK cohorts.


Led by Catherine Calvin, University of Oxford

This community develops techniques for analysing longitudinal data and disease modelling.


Led by John Gallacher, University of Oxford

This community enhances cohort data collection opportunities and developing data access procedures.