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  • Professor Gallacher will be presenting at 12:00, he will explain the work that DPUK groups have been doing in this field, and opening up opportunities for future collaborations.

Also presenting at the meeting are the leaders from the ADNI Core Groups.

  • Michael Weiner  – Plans
  • Paul Aisen & Ron Petersen – Clinical
  • Bill Jagust – PET
  • Cliff Jack – MRI
  • Les Shaw & John Trojanowski – Biomarkers
  • Andy Saykin – Genetics
  • Laurel Beckett – Biostatistics
  • Art Toga – Informatics

And Howard Chertkow from CCNA, another of DPUK collaborators.  Professor Weiner, Principal Investigator ADNI recently presented his work at the DPUK Conference ‘Tools for Science’.