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Mia Crampin - LSHTM, Malawi
Fiona Reddington - UKRI, UK


Dorret Boomsma – Amsterdam University, The Netherlands
Xinxin Chen – Peking University, China
Joris Deelen – Max Planck Institute, Germany
Alun Hughes – University College London, UK
Michael Inouye – University of Cambridge, UK
Rachel Kelly – Harvard Medical School, USA
Jinkook Lee – University of Southern California, USA
Ken Ong – University of Cambridge, UK
Susan Picavet – National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, The Netherlands
Nicholas Rattray – University of Glasgow, UK
Roman Romero-Ortuno – Trinity College, Ireland
Camilla Stoltenberg – Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Norway
David van Heel – East London Genes and Health, UK