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Attendees will consider how to collect brain tissue at scale. We are keen to encourage individuals representing a range of disciplines to join our discussions which will focus on donor selection criteria, tissue type, and collection and storage requirements you would find most useful.


Post-mortem examination provides the most accurate method available for obtaining accurate dementia diagnosis. Well characterised brains, those with detailed contextual data, provide greater opportunity for new insights to be gained on the causes of dementia.

DPUK cohorts provide a reservoir of highly informative brains with up to 60 years lead-in data and genotyping being available. A DPUK actuarial analysis has shown that during the next 10 years an estimate of 6,500 brains with donor consent and the support of surviving family from UK Biobank alone, is not unreasonable. DPUK has already developed a consent protocol for selective brain collection, but is not aware of consensus on how to cost-effectively collect brain tissue at scale.

We look forward to collaborating with attendees from a range of backgrounds to consider the issues that surround brain banking at scale.

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