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Other organisations contributing to the event include:

•         Wellcome Trust
•         Sanger Institute
•         EMBL-EBI
•         Global Alliance for Genomics and Health
•         ABPI
•         BIA
•         Pistoia Alliance
•         Cancer Research UK
•         The Francis Crick Institute

The two day event will focus on driving precision medicine into the clinic in the most streamlined and effective way possible by:
•         Bringing together clinicians, big pharma, biotech institutions, policy makers, visionary academics and data leaders to facilitate partnerships and drive progress.
•         Reviewing game changing innovation, roadblocks, and critical success factors in the practical application of big data.
•         Understanding how big data is driving developments in personalised medicine.
•         Facilitating discussion between world leading institutions about ground breaking developments in the genomics, big data and personalised medicine fields

Further programme details to follow.