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Renowned for its broad, multidisciplinary approach, AD/PD 2015 is aimed at clinical investigators and basic scientists, established investigators as well as young upcoming talents. The stimulating academic programme combined with a collegial environment promises to foster debate, discussion and collaboration.

AD/PD 2015, unique in its ability to build upon Alzheimer’s Conferences and Parkinson’s Conferences through exploring overlaps and congruent results, will provide attendees unparalleled and powerful insights into the latest research, developments, and treatments.

Paper and poster presentation by John Gallacher: DPUK: a global resource for the dementias

Paper by Simon Lovestone: “The IMI-European Medical Information Framework; repurposing and connecting data for Alzheimer’s disease and beyond”.

Paper by Craig Ritchie: “The European Prevention of Alzheimer’s Dementia (EPAD) Programme: Clinical and Scientific Need and Early Progress.”