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Dementias Platform UK is bringing together information from two million people in a secure, free-to-access resource. Researchers across the world are invited to register on the DPUK data portal to access the rich data that can transform our understanding of the dementias. 


Use the cohort matrix to identify the cohort studies which collect the data that you need.

Use the cohort comparison tool to get more detailed information on the data that interests you.


  • Apply for access to data from different cohort studies in a single application.
  • Receive a response to your data application in 28 days and access data online in 90 days if your application is approved.


Work with cohort data in the portal's analysis area.

  • Store your data securely.
  • Process and analyse large datasets on DPUK servers at no cost to you or your institution.

Stay up-to-date with DPUK tools, resources and funding opportunities.

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