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Dementias Platform UK is a public-private partnership. Our connections between academics and partners from industry mean that we can speed up and target research into prevention and treatment for dementia. The DPUK tools and infrastructure enable targeted studies: by involving cohort participants whose backgrounds and health we know a lot about, we reduce the risk of failed trials.

We work with companies who can provide specific software or tools to support our studies.

Hear from our industry partners

In November 2016 we invited prospective industry partners of DPUK to learn more about opportunities for involvement through a broadcast webinar, featuring a panel of representatives from DPUK's Executive Team. Watch the recording.

For shorter individual insights from two of our industry partner representatives on the Executive Team, please see our videos – Declan Jones of Janssen, and Derek Hill of Ixico.

Opportunities for DPUK's industry partners

DPUK provides an unusually broad range of collaborative opportunities including:

  • Access to intensively characterised subjects for highly targeted early phase trials
  • Access to infrastructure including:
    • 7-site molecular and structural imaging network
    • Multi-modal informatics network
    • National stem-cell network
  • Access to key opinion leaders
  • Business development.


We continue to build new links with industry partners. If your company has something to offer in our collaborative work against dementia, we would be very interested to hear from you.

Please visit our contact page to let us know of your interest, and our team will respond to you very soon.

DPUK Annual Report 2016

Roles and opportunities in DPUK