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Our academic conference, TRANSLATION 2023, is an opportunity to hear about new developments in dementia research and join discussions about big data, biomarkers and trials delivery – all of which can lead to new disease-modifying treatments for dementia.



Biomarkers for Dementia Research

Imaging and blood-based biomarkers have the potential to improve the accuracy by which specific causes of dementia can be diagnosed and cured. This is an evolving field, with numerous potential biomarkers in varying stages of research and development.

Translation 2023 seeks to review currently available biomarkers for the most common forms of neurodegenerative dementia, and gives an overview of research techniques that may in due course make their way into the clinic.

Keynote Speaker

Professor Sir Simon Lovestone

Janssen: Biomarkers and drugs development

Session Speakers

Professor Dame Pamela ShawUniversity of Sheffield Developing biomarkers for Motor Neuron Disease

Professor Sarah Tabrizi: University College London From basic science to novel therapies by collaboration

Professor Masud Husain: University of Oxford Development of biomarkers in dementia translation

Big Data for Advancing Dementia Research

Dementia is increasing in prevalence and to date has no cure or treatment. One element in improving this situation is using and sharing data more widely to increase the power of research.

Translation 2023 seeks to explore data sharing initiatives and practices in dementia research in order to recommend next steps moving forward.

Keynote Speakers

Dame Kate Bingham

SV Investors Opportunities for innovative collaboration

Professor Sir Menelas Pangalos

Astra Zeneca

Session  Speakers

Dr Ruth McKernan: Venture Partner at SV Investors 

Professor Mihaela van Schaar: Alan Turing Institute Machine learning and big data in dementia

Professor Paul Matthews: Imperial College London From ‘omics to linkage in dementia

Trials Delivery in Dementia

Barriers to recruitment for dementia studies are well documented. Trials delivery establishes an engine for testing new treatments for dementia to bring the right people to the right place for the right project.

Translation 2023 will explore latest developments in implementation and outcomes of dementia research registry in the UK, further discuss existing interventions to understand study participants in clinical registries and referrals.

Keynote Speaker

Professor Jeff Cummings 

University of Nevada Las Vegas The dementia drug development pipeline

Session Speakers

Professor Cornelia van Duijn: University of Oxford Genetics for dementia trials

Professor Julian Matthews: University of Manchester PET/MR for dementia trials

Professor Richard Haynes: University of Oxford The Recovery Trial, a new paradigm for dementia trials

Professor David Burn: University of Newcastle Optimising UK trials infrastructure


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