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Whether you're familiar with cognitive test data or coming to it for the first time, you'll find help here to guide you to the cohorts and tests that you'll need when planning your study.

If you already know the cognitive abilities you wish to study, but need to find the right cohorts:

Our cognitive test directory has been specifically produced as a resource for researchers who wish to exploit the cognitive data available from cohort studies in the DPUK Data Portal. The current edition gives details of cognitive testing for 36 cohort studies. It is particularly useful for researchers who wish to run cross-cohort studies and therefore identify comparable cognitive data.

Download the directory.

NB: The UK Biobank study has implemented enhanced cognitive assessment within its ongoing data collection following recommendations by DPUK researchers. Please search within the cognitive function category of the UK Biobank data showcase for details of individual tests.

If you need more general information about cognitive abilities, and the cognitive tests used within cohorts:

Studying healthy older adults: Read the MRC's overview of key cognitive abilities and the tests used to assess them.

Studying preclinical dementia: This paper provides recommendations for cognitive tests that are sensitive to change in preclinical Alzheimer's disease.

Using screening tests: This paper reviews the most commonly used cognitive screening tests and provides information on the sensitivity and specificity of these tests for detection of dementia.

For cohort PIs: work with our partners

Cohort principal investigators are invited to access the Integrated Cognitive Assessment (ICA) platform developed by DPUK's industry partner, Cognetivity.

The ICA is a five-minute computerised test of cognitive function that offers numerous advantages – including its short testing duration and its classification accuracy, combined with the absence of a learning effect or any cultural or educational bias. The test runs on a smartphone or tablet.

Interested cohorts should contact to discuss their specific requirements.