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DPUK's synthetic dataset is invented, randomised data in the format of a typical cohort dataset on the DPUK Data Portal.

A researcher does not need any specific permission to use this data, and it can be accessed by any researcher who has registered on the Data Portal. While the data contained in the synthetic dataset is not real, it is of the same type that a researcher can expect to see in a real cohort dataset.

The synthetic data enables researchers to explore the Data Portal's capabilities before they apply for data for their studies. Researchers can use the software on the Data Portal to analyse the dataset, develop code to use in their projects, and try other methods, such as machine learning.

The synthetic dataset can be accessed on the DPUK Data Portal, in a separate sub-directory: S:\DPUKSynthDemo > DPUK Synthetic Data Demonstration.

You may also wish to download our PDF guide aimed at researchers who are working with large datasets for the first time.