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An abstract, stylised image showing data on computer screens

The DPUK Data Portal gives researchers anywhere in the world access to high-quality, multi-modal data from more than 50 population and clinical cohort studies, comprising records for over 3.5 million people. Available data includes lifestyle information, cognitive test results, brain imaging, and genetics.

Researchers can identify which cohorts are relevant to their proposed research question or area of study, apply for access to the data, and then analyse it in a secure, remote environment complete with data linkage, analytical software packages, and cross-cohort capability.

As it develops, the Data Portal will be aligned with similar international data repositories through the Alzheimer's Disease Data Initiative. It will also, in partnership with Health Data Research UK, link NHS patient electronic health records with DPUK cohort data to provide a major open-science resource for the community.

Click here to go directly to the Data Portal.

How it works: from deposit to analysis

An infographic/flowchart showing how the data deposit to analysis process works in the DPUK Data Portal [Click image to enlarge.]

Data Portal tutorial

In the following tutorial video, DPUK's Senior Scientist and Data Manager, Dr Sarah Bauermeister, guides users through the basic process of selecting, applying for, and analysing cohort data in the Data Portal.

You can also read our top tips for writing a strong proposal for cohort access using the Data Portal application form.

Further information

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If you have any questions about working in the Data Portal, please contact Mark Newbury in our Swansea-based team.