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The psychological correlates of distinct neural states occurring during wakeful rest

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Associations of perceived adverse lifetime experiences with brain structure in UK Biobank participants

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Optimising network modelling methods for fMRI.

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The Dementias Platform UK (DPUK) Data Portal

Journal article

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The Dementias Platform UK (DPUK) Data Portal.

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Reliability and validity of the UK Biobank cognitive tests

Journal article

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Prediction of rapid amyloid and phosphorylated‐Tau accumulation in cognitively healthy individuals

Journal article

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UK consensus on pre-clinical vascular cognitive impairment functional outcomes assessment: questionnaire and workshop proceedings

Journal article

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SAILS: Spectral analysis is linear systems

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Cohort profile: The Secure Anonymised Information Linkage databank Dementia e-cohort (SAIL-DeC)

Journal article

Christian Schnier et al, (2020), International Journal of Population Data Science, 5

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