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Kathryn Bush

Clinical Research Fellow

'I work with a brilliant team of people, all of whom inspire and challenge me.'

I started working with DPUK in August 2017; prior to this I had been working full time as a neurologist in clinical practice. The DPUK funded clinical research fellowship has given me the unique opportunity to work behind the scenes with UK Biobank cohort data, which is a real privilege for someone with an interest in epidemiology. During my fellowship I have attended many conferences – a great chance to hear experts speak and to meet them 'face-to-face'.  I have also had great training opportunities: I've attended courses focused on the uses of linked health-care data, and training in computer systems such as' R' for data processing. Day to day, I have the great privilege to work with a brilliant team of people at Edinburgh University, from statisticians, to epidemiologists, clinical research nurses and professors, all of whom have inspired me, challenged me, and helped me along the path to what I hope will be a long term career in academia.