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Labcyte ECHO

The labcyte ECHO allows scientists to dispense nano-litre volumes of expensive drugs and compounds using acoustic, tipless transfer technology.


This is an advanced plate reader which measures absorbance, fluorescent intensity, fluorescent polarisation, luminescence and time-resolved fluorescence. It allows programmable liquid handling for precisely timed, automated biochemical and cell-based experiments, known as 'assays'.

Automated liquid handling system

The CyBio FeLiX system allows for a variety of liquid handling tasks including dilution of drugs and compounds, media changes and seeding and cell-based screening.

iPSC culture lab

This research facility based at the University of Oxford includes a dedicated stem cell culture suite specialising in the differentiation of iPSCs towards dopamine neurons, cortical neurons, motor neurons, medium-spiny neurons and astrocytes using optimised methods.

Opera phenix

This high content confocal screening system permits high through-put screening and assays involving complex disease models. The system is compatible with Harmony imaging and analysis software, allowing precise quantification of acquired images.


This takes measurements in a 96 well plate format, providing a systems level view of cellular metabolism function in cultured cells and ex-vivo samples.


This is a powerful and senstive high-throughput screening plate reader (absorbance, fluorescence and luminescence modes) with fast read times.

Two-photon microscope

The two-photon microscope allows intelligent imaging of live cell cultures.