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Superagers and what they can tell us about dementia

Identifying the key factors that allow people to live well – without developing dementia – so we can model successful cognitive ageing.

Healthy heart, healthy brain?

Many studies indicate that there may be links between heart health and brain health, and this connection may be a promising new avenue in research and development for treatments for brain diseases. DPUK-funded researchers are using large imaging datasets to look for early indicators of brain changes that show up in other organs too.

Transforming clinical trials with data

Participants in DPUK's existing longitudinal studies, known as cohorts, will be offered the chance to join DPUK's Great Minds register.

Uncovering the potential on the shelves of drug libraries

Impact Stem cells

Facilitated by DPUK, scientists at the University of Oxford are investigating the behaviour of drugs developed by AstraZeneca (AZ) on patient-specific cell models. They are looking to see if they can be used to target a range of neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases.

iPSCs: a shared resource

Imaging Stem cells

DPUK investment has enabled scientists to study the development of neurodegenerative disease using a type of stem cell derived from the blood samples of cohort study participants. These cells – iPSCs – are an immensely valuable resource that is being shared by research teams.

Tests to bring out the best of existing health studies


Thanks to partnerships with two industry companies offering cognitive test technology, DPUK cohorts can now access online or iPad-based software to collect information on their participants' thinking and memory skills. The opportunity allows cohorts to enhance their data and optimise for use in research.

DPUK and experimental medicine

DPUK aims to deliver breakthroughs in dementia research through experimental medicine studies. We both directly fund and enable these studies through our technology infrastructure. In many cases, they will recruit through our clinical studies register.

Better data

These areas of Dementias Platform UK focus on creating the ground-breaking Data Portal, and on enhancing the data that we are able to make available to researchers.