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DPUK datathon in UEA 25-27 September © DPUK
DPUK datathons take place in October and November 2019

Data experts have the keys to one of the biggest health challenges of our time. By bringing creative thinkers from a whole range of backgrounds in highly focused hackathon-style events, the Swansea datathon and the UEA datathon will see data scientists use traditional statistical methodologies alongside the latest techniques in machine learning to bring out new insights for dementia treatment.

The DPUK datathon series is a partnership initiative with the Alan Turing Institute, Alzheimer’s research UK and the host universities.

Working at the frontiers in dementia research

The difficulties in understanding the invisible early stages of dementia is one of the biggest barriers to progress in treatment development today – and is the one where the data experts come in. At a DPUK datathon the data scientists will bring a variety of techniques to bear on DPUK’s real world health study data to explore new patterns that could offer vital steps forward in accelerating treatment.

Bringing together the best researchers

Analysts are encouraged to apply soon for a place at the datathon as applications close on Friday 4 October at 9am and may close sooner if sufficient high-quality applications are made before that time. The attendee selection process is an important stage in ensuring that there is the right mix of skills in the room. 

Find out more and apply:

Swansea datathon – 30 October-1 November 2019

UEA datathon – 6 November-8 November 2019.


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