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This state-of-the-art PET-MR scanner based at Invicro is part of DPUK's Imaging network

We are delighted to announce that Invicro is now an industry partner of Dementias Platform UK. Invicro joins the consortium of 16 other academic and industry partners who, together, are developing the infrastructure which supports and accelerates a new generation of clinical trials for dementia treatments.

Brain imaging expertise

Formerly known as Imanova, Invicro is uniquely placed to contribute to the work of DPUK, through their place as world experts in brain imaging. Being able to look in detail into the workings of the brain is a crucial element to scientists’ growing understanding of the complex mechanisms which lead to dementia. Scientists across the DPUK network are already benefitting from Invicro’s scientific and technical expertise in state-of-the-art brain imaging techniques.

Invicro constitutes a key part of the DPUK imaging network and has helped to establish the new generation of PET-MR scanners that has been supported by DPUK investment. As one of the seven networked imaging sites, Invicro will be instrumental in multicentre studies, such as the MRC-funded Deep and Frequent Phenotyping Study, due to get started early this year.

Invicro, in collaboration with DPUK, is also leading the MINDMAPS programme to establish novel biomarkers of mitochondrial dysfunction and synaptic loss for application to neurodegeneration.

Why Invicro decided to join DPUK


Invicro is committed to applying imaging to disease understanding and drug development in a range of neurodegenerative diseases. DPUK provides a rich network of disease experts, imaging researchers and commercial organisations who share in the common goal of finding therapies for dementia. DPUK is an important initiative that brings together the best of academia and industry to target dementia and we are excited to be part of it. - Professor Roger Gunn, Executive Vice President – Quantitative Data Sciences, Invicro


As partners, representatives of Invicro now sit on the Company Partner Forum – a group which advises the work of the platform to ensure it is meeting the needs of industry and making the most of what they have to offer.

Invicro joins a consortium of industry and academic partners at DPUK. By bringing the worlds of university and industry research together in a radical and novel way, DPUK is able to promote cross-fertilisation of ideas, streamline the process from ideas to new treatments, and help researchers to work together on the challenges and opportunities in dementia research.


Find out more about DPUK's partnership opportunities.


We are delighted to welcome Invicro as a formal partner in Dementias Platform UK. Invicro is a world leader in the provision of brain imaging services and we look forward to facilitating a new generation of much larger, deeper studies into dementia.
- John Gallacher, Director, Dementias Platform UK