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Designed to inspire data scientists to take up opportunities that make a difference to society, the event on 19 June in London will feature a short presentation on the challenge and opportunities there are in dementia research today, including the next DPUK datathon in September 2019.

Logikk recruitment agency – the 'Meet Up' organisers – expect the event to attract data scientists from a range of fields that are typically associated with data science, eg transport and logistics. Many of the scientists present will not have worked in dementia before, and may not even have worked in health research before. Dr Sarah Bauermeister sees this as positive and an exciting challenge.


The more I get out there, the more I realise how scientists with machine learning expertise have a crucial role to play in advancing dementia research. This method enables full use of all the richness in our datasets. I’m excited to be sharing my research, hoping it’ll inspire other analysts who maybe haven’t worked in dementia.

The problem of the mysterious early stages of dementia is one of the biggest barriers to progress in treatment development today – and is the one where machine learning experts come in. As a technique which involves developing algorithms which ‘learn’ from patterns in complex datasets it is one that is highly suited to research with DPUK’s health studies, known as ‘cohorts’. Scientists using machine learning methods on DPUK’s cohort data – which includes brain images, demographic data and lifestyle information – will be able to extract key predictors of dementia.


We need to bring machine learning experts to the dementia challenge. Used with our rich cohort datasets, and alongside traditional analysis techniques, we have a real opportunity for progress and breakthrough in what has been a stalemate for too long.

Sarah will be presenting on her child adversity study at Logikk's first Meet Up.

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