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Data scientists2019 opportunity to meet dpuk at 2018impactful ai2019 event

Data scientists’ opportunity to meet DPUK at ‘impactful AI’ event

Impact Research support

Machine learning experts who may not have previous experience of working on dementia will have the chance to meet DPUK’s senior researcher at the first in a new series of events for data scientists. They’ll learn about opportunities to apply their skills and make a real impact on developing treatments for dementia.

Dementias platform uk datathon understanding origins of dementia using machine learning

Dementias Platform UK datathon - understanding origins of dementia using machine learning

Better data Better methods Cohorts

Using machine learning (AI) techniques to analyse complex cohort data, a group of researchers uncovered hidden patterns in cohort data that might identify those at risk of developing dementia, or indicate promising areas for research into treatments.

Dementia Ecosystem UK: action through alliance

General Research

One in three people born today will develop dementia in their lifetime: it's the biggest health challenge of our generation. With one million people predicted to have dementia by 2025 in the UK, and a current cost of £26bn a year to the UK economy, there is huge financial and societal impact, yet we’re still without treatment.

Datathon series launch

Datathon series launch


Can you bring your advanced analytical skills in AI and machine learning to one of the world's biggest healthcare challenges?

Cohort volunteers dementia research

Cohorts invited to join dementia trials register

General Impact Research Trials

DPUK has launched Great Minds, an innovative new register of volunteers for clinical trials who bring rich data from their previous health studies to help clear the deadlock in development of treatments for dementia.

Partner announcement cognetivity

Partner announcement: Cognetivity

Partner news Research

Cognetivity is announced as the ninth industry partner for Dementias Platform UK. It joins forces with DPUK’s existing partnership of eight other industry companies and ten universities working to develop new resources to power cohort-based research into dementia.

We welcome your feedback

We welcome your feedback


Are you working in the Data Portal? Have you made an application for DPUK cohort data? We want to hear about your experiences so we can best focus our Data Portal development work. If you have particular requirements or needs for your research, we want to hear about them, so please get in touch.

Miss it miss out

Miss it, miss out!


This winter sees a rush of abstract submission deadlines for the major dementia research conferences in 2019 – in the UK and abroad. Check out what opportunities are on offer on our external opportunities pages.

Datathon for dementia

General Research

Data scientists from many different backgrounds combined their expertise to take on dementia in an unusual format for disease research: a three-day datathon. The intensive research event saw teams come together to work on data that is now available in the DPUK Data Portal.

Dont forget to credit dpuk

Don't forget to credit DPUK


Have you used DPUK-funded technology or conducted your analyses in the Data Portal's virtual desktop? You need to credit DPUK. See the publications policy for full details of how to do this.

Dpuk model attracts interest from beyond dementia sector

DPUK approach attracts interest from beyond dementia sector


Thanks to leaps forward in computing power, DPUK is able to harness highly advanced technical solutions to maintain data security and non-identifiability of millions of existing health records in the Data Portal. It’s a model that is globally unique for dementia research and one that’s increasingly attracting attention from other sectors.

Why volunteer health data will accelerate the development of treatments for dementia

Why volunteer health data will accelerate the development of treatments for dementia


Thanks to the generosity of two million health studies volunteers, there is new hope for accelerating the discovery of treatments for dementia. Their combined data – lifestyle, genes, memory tests, and brain scans – are helping researchers identify changes over time which will reveal how dementia starts in healthy brains.

Big data has the potential to address some of the most fundamental questions that remain in dementia research

DPUK makes its first ECR grant


Dr Luke Whiley, an Early Career Researcher based at Imperial College London is awarded £1,500 to fund his attendance at a specialist training course in Utrecht.

New partner announcement cambridge cognition

New partner announcement: Cambridge Cognition

General Research

Dementias Platform UK continues to expand as Cambridge Cognition, a global leader in cognitive assessment for clinical trials, upgrades its current position as associate partner to become full partner.

Invitation for scientific comment dpuk publications policy

Invitation for scientific comment: DPUK Publications policy


Following recent feedback, DPUK has updated its publications policy. Anyone who uses DPUK data or resources, or whose work is funded through the platform, is invited to comment.

A step forward for dementia studies body worn sensors to assess how we walk may help detect the onset of alzheimer2019s disease

A step forward for dementia studies: body-worn sensors to assess how we walk

General Publication Research

Body-worn sensors used by people with mild Alzheimer’s to assess walking could offer a cost-effective way to detect the disease early and monitor its progression.

Ps200k backs five new dementia studies in the data portal

£200k backs five new dementia studies in the Data Portal

DPUK announces the five winners of its Discovery Awards – grants of up to £50k that were awarded to teams with outstanding proposals for dementia research in the Data Portal.

University of exeter partner announcement

University of Exeter partner announcement

DPUK strengthens its collaboration as the University of Exeter joins the public-private partnership, furthering dementia research by drawing on the distinct power of cohort studies.

Transatlantic research partnership flourishes thanks to data portal

Transatlantic research partnership flourishes thanks to Data Portal

DPUK researchers will present the results of their work with US colleagues in a joint symposium in Washington D.C. today, highlighting how DPUK enables international research collaborations.

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