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Thank you for considering registering as a volunteer for the NTAD study.

If you are considering playing a part in helping to detect early Alzheimer's disease and finding new treatments but would like more information, our professional and friendly team will be happy to speak to you about our research and answer any questions.

We are looking for volunteers with memory problems or who have a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease. To help us answer any queries you have please tick the boxes below that describe your current health and provide a contact email or a telephone number.

We hope you will join us.

Professor James Rowe and the NTAD team.



Please provide your prefered contact number

New Therapeutics in Alzheimer’s Disease (NTAD) is the most advanced study in the UK using MEG scanners to detect preclinical Alzheimer’s disease. 

NTAD is a DPUK collaboration between academia and industry partners: The universities of Cambridge, Oxford and Cardiff and Johnson & Johnson, Astra Zeneca and Lilly