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Find out more about the training and development opportunities open to you beyond DPUK. Courses, schemes and one-off events offered by other organisations are advertised on this page.

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David Hague Early Career Investigator of the Year Award

The David Hague Early Career Investigator of the Year Award, worth £25,000 in research expenses with a £1,500 personal prize, will be presented each year to the most outstanding Early Career Researcher in the field of biomedical dementia research.

The deadline for applications is 28 September 2018.

Find out more and apply on the Alzheimer's Research UK website.

Alzheimer's Research UK

Grant application support

Transform your research idea into a submitted grant proposal. The Dementias Portfolio Development Group (PDG) Writing Groups offer support in:

  • expertise, applicants, patient involvement and study design
  • logistics support for writing group meetings and post-award advice.

If you are interested in joining a Dementias PDG Writing Group, please complete this form


Dementias Portfolio Development Group (PDG)

MSc in Public Health Data Science
With multidisciplinary skills in epidemiology, informatics and
statistics, the MSc offers training and development in the strengths and limitations of digital technologies and their use in public health research.

For more information, contact

University of Bordeaux