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Bursaries for scientific travel are one of the ways that DPUK supports Early Career Researchers

DPUK supports the professional development of Early Career Researchers (ECRs) through targeted funding.

ecr grants

Up to £5k is available to support individual ECRs in specific studies and/or professional development. If you are a junior scientist or analyst working in dementia research you are welcome to apply for an ECR grant. We aim to support you where you decide you need it most. You may wish to apply for an ECR grant to support you in:

  • your pilot studies
  • scientific travel
  • specific hardware or software you require
  • research equipment purchase or hire
  • technical support
  • training courses.

Raise your profile

ECR grant winners will also benefit from opportunities to raise your profile in the dementia research sector. Recipients will be offered opportunities to speak at DPUK events and publish through DPUK channels.


Grants are awarded on the basis of merit. There is no specific application window or deadline for applications. We will acknowledge receipt of all applications for ECR grants and will respond to applicants within four weeks.

Applying for an ECR grant is simple. Briefly describe your project (if applicable) or intentions for the funding, the amount up to £5k that you are requesting and a breakdown of the costs.

Contact us to apply.