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Apply for funding of up to £50k for research using DPUK cohort data. The application window is open now.

What are we looking for?

We support new research proposals for analysis of DPUK's cohort data to help further scientific understanding of the dementias. The Discovery Awards committee will assess applications based on the criteria set out in the Discovery Award eligibility criteria. This includes the following areas – for full details please refer to the eligibility criteria document.


How is this research proposal in the public interest?

How will this research contribute to furthering knowledge in the field?


How will this project lead to new insights in the field?

Support for DPUK's mission

DPUK aims to make better data available for research into dementia. Please consider how this research proposal supports our mission and how findings will be disseminated.


*Please note the following clarification: although research teams may comprise researchers based at universities and in industry, the lead applicant must be based at a university.*

The Discovery Awards are open to researchers based at universities or in industry. The lead applicant should have a salary in place for the duration of the award and at least one Early Career Researcher should be part of the research team.

Dates and deadlines

Applications open on 22 January 2018 and close at 5pm on 6 April 2018. Award winners will be announced at the DPUK conference on 23 April 2018. Winners can expect the funding award to made available from June 2018. The project should be completed by June 2019. 


The Discovery Awards Committee, made up of subject experts in a range of fields from both academia and industry, will review every application, and will seek comments from external expert referees if necessary.

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