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Get to know the tests in UK Biobank

Data collection now includes tests of memory, reasoning, executive function, and vocabulary - when the current data collection wave is complete researchers will be able to request access to work with these data for approximately 90,000 participants. There are currently data available for 20,000 participants and UK Biobank release new data every few months.

Please search within the Cognitive function category of the UK Biobank data showcase for details of the individual tests.

How do UK Biobank tests compare with standard tests?

UK Biobank has developed its own cognitive assessments which differ from commonly used tests in other studies. DPUK carried out a test-retest reliability and concurrent validity study, comparing UK Biobank tests with these well-used tests. This work will help researchers who are interested in running cross-cohort analyses using UK Biobank cognitive data. 

A report detailing this work provides psychometric information for researchers using the UK Biobank resource, and is available as a pre-print on MedRxiv. Once peer-reviewed a link to the published article will appear on the DPUK publications listing.