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The directory at a glance

Directory of DPUK cohorts

The first section devotes a table to each cohort study and lists the cognitive tests used within each one. Next to each test is the specific cognitive domain or set of domains that the test aims to measure performance on, and the follow-up waves the test data were collected. 

Directory of cognitive tests and tools

This provides a list of the published cognitive tests that appear in the directory, with hyperlinks to their web sources or associated publications.

Cognitive domains in DPUK’s cohorts

Tables illustrate the specific cognitive domains covered in each of the cohorts according to three types of study design: (1) case-rich population-based cohorts, (2) prodromal population-based cohorts, and, (3) clinical cohorts.

Timelines of specific cognitive domain tests delivered in population cohorts

In this final section, graphics show the ages at which three cognitive domains affected by pathological and non-pathological ageing are tested longitudinally in DPUK’s population cohorts. These domains include: processing speed, verbal episodic memory, and executive function.

We developed the cognitive test directory so that researchers can find cohorts with the cognitive domains they need much more quickly and easily.