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Seven pet mr scanners make up dpuks imaging network

Harmonised scanners

MR-PET scanners in sites across the UK are being calibrated to the same specifications. This important work will allow imagers to run analyses on imaging data collected from more than one site, enabling more ambitious dementia studies. Read more.

Access to imaging data

University departments with MR-PET scanners have had no choice but to store highly complex imaging data locally at their sites. DPUK's imaging informatics technology now allows local imaging sites to upload their data to a central server so researchers beyond their university can work with it. Critically the data owners still retain complete control over who accesses these data.

Resources and training

Find out more about all the resources for imagers on the MR-PET partnership website.


Sean Denham© Sean Denham


DPUK has put me in contact with fellow radiographers across the UK, allowing knowledge exchange with researchers from a variety of backgrounds. - Sean is an MRI research radiographer based at the University of Edinburgh