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Cardiovascular and metabolic diseases (M/C-D) impact on multiple organs and tissues beyond those of the cardiovascular system. However, despite its social burden, causative mechanisms are still poorly understood although there are numerous risk factors such as age, hypertension, smoking and diabetes.

The aim of this study is to investigate the role of M/C-D and treatments on cognitive decline. Importantly for public health, it remains to be determined whether controlling M/C-D as a whole alters cognitive decline; whether known medications for M/C-D modify cognitive decline; and whether surrogate or proxies for M/C-D alters cognitive decline.

To do this we will analyse a selection of cohorts in DPUK in a harmonized way by utilising a single protocol, the same study design and the same statistical analysis adjusting for the same confounders to ensure consistency in results across multiple cohorts. We will also utilise data driven machine learning methods to identify potential phenotypic groups related to M/C-D, treatments, proxies and cognitive decline.

The team of researchers working on this project contribute expertise including advanced statistical modelling, machine learning and neuroepidemiology, with specific experience in M/C-D and cognitive decline.